Why Twitter rocks

I love twitter. If I could, I’d marry it and have little mutant twitter babies. I love it so much that, like a lovestruck teenager I’m going to tell you how  I love it and why.

Twitter is facebook for the smart-phone age. Its mobile, it’s quick and it’s easy. It’s for when I’m waiting for a friend to come out the toilet, it’s for idly passing time on a bus. It’s for when I want the headlines, not the commentary. Pictures, likes, relationships statuses are all great, but they can all wait for when I get home. Or when I’,m old.

Tweeting is a life-affirming joy. There are no conventions to follow,  I can just say what I want. Yes, there is a character limit but who cares? I don’t have time to write an essay (unless I’m at work).B eing limited to 140 characters forces me to be concise. It makes me a better writer and what I’m reading more enjoyable. Cutting out the crap is always a good thing. Twitter takes this to the extreme and is the better for it.

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